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2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Mt Everest by Hillary and Tenzing. Having just published a new book, ‘Everest 1953’ it was important to have the site up and running as quickly as possible and so take advantage of all the extra publicity and promotion. In fact to speed up the process we initially designed a temporary page.
Even though Mick’s books are already promoted on many publishers’ sites, the aim is to increase the audience through providing a more complete overview of his work, including appearances and film-making. Furthermore, by writing blogs regularly and cross referencing this with social media, Mick is able to generate more interest and provide a platform enabling people to get in touch about related issues.

Get responsive!

Right from the outset we were closely involved in all aspects of the site’s development; from advice on functionality and navigation to graphic design, prototypes and finally the implementation in the Content Management System, ExpressionEngine. This, all within a modest budget. The site is fully responsive which makes viewing on mobiles and tablets a piece of cake.

Ann M. Conefrey
Ann M. Conefrey