Logo, typography and atmospheric panorama.

Design logo and website Nieuwland

Graphic design of logo, corporate identity, lettering and website. Peace, space, nature and cultural history are the core qualities that can be found in the identity design of this special project. Nieuwland is a B&B Hotel (National Monument) and a meeting facility (Wierschuur) in Wieringen, located directly on the Wadden Sea, a World Heritage Site in North Holland.

A page from the website with information about Villa Niewland B&B Hotel.

Amsterdamse School

The wide horizon is reflected in the name which cleverly incorporates the word ‘wad’ along with well-known coastal birds from the Wadden Sea area. For the typography we have chosen the characteristic typeface, Kurversbrug, an adapted version of a well-known letter from the Amsterdam School period. The colours blue and green of the surroundings, the sand colour of the mudflats and the panoramic landscape photography contribute to the overall atmosphere.