Front and back of the sheet combined in one image.

Design Poster Monospace Collection

The Monospace Collection is a series of publications by Lenoirschuring that demonstrates the brilliance and skill of the graphics industry and the beauty that text, image, medium and colour can create. Ann Conefrey's design was chosen by 'none other than' Wim Crouwel as one of the ten best posters (folded sheets).

The side of the sheet with just text in black.
The side of the sheet with text and image printed in colour.

Symmetrical shape

The design is based on regular spacing, the transparency of front and back, folding words – palindromes, a symmetrical shape with 26 letters in 26 colours and braille. Challis is a soft, lightweight printed fabric; sounds like ‘chalice’, a Eucharistic cup. Size and paper: 48 x 68 cm, printed on 70 grs Olin.