A blind visitor reading the printed braille strip attached to the wall

8 meters of braille lead visitors along two walls into the exhibition. Photo: Maarten Nauw

Tactile design for multisensory exhibition

Sightless Seeing # 5 Remember by Heart: tactile graphic design in collaboration with artists and performers which took place in Arti et Amicitiae, 11-25 June 2022, Amsterdam.
Performance artist Sarah van Lamsweerde asked Ann to integrate braille into a large tactile tapestry made by Janneke Raaphorst. A video installation exploring the theatre collection (Theatre Institute Nederland) was projected onto the tapestry, creating layers of sensations. An installation by Richtje Reinsma, exploring the phenomenon of questions through audio and olfactory completed the multisensory exhibition.

A blind visitor exploring the tactile tapestry and reading the braille

Photo: Maarten Nauw

A blind visitor reading braille integrated into the tactile tapestry
In the foreground a large wooden column emitting a puff of scent
Leroy, a blind actor, smiling as he reads the braille on the ribbon around his neck

A ‘braille ribbon’ for the blind actor, Leroy de Böck, which he wore around his neck. It carries cues in braille to help him remember his lines when performing.

The rolled up braille ribbon, embossed on a long, thin sheet of transparent plastic
Elroy reading the braille on the ribbon