Screenshot homepage with navigation menu and an overview photo of the artwork, ‘Emblems of Unity’ by Isabel Ferrand.

The homepage with the overview photo of the artwork, as photographed by us.

Website design and photography for artwork ‘Plakkaat van Verbondenheid’

Website design for visual artist Isabel Ferrand showcasing her artwork ‘Plakkaat van Verbondenheid’ (Emblems of Unity). We photographed the 75 medallions, designed and built the website and edited the texts. The tapestry consists of five parts, representing the five districts which together form the municipality of Zeist. The medallions show people, buildings and initiatives that have contributed to solidarity over time.

Web page with an overview of all medallions associated with the artwork; the filter for displaying buildings is active.

The collection page for all medallions; the filter for showing buildings is activated.

Web page for displaying one medallion with title, year, location and description. Below this a navigation to the other medallions in the same district within the municipality of Zeist.

Page for each medallion. We took special macro photos of all the medallions.

Static website

This website is developed with the help of Eleventy (11ty), a static site generator. Changes on the site are automatically deployed from GitHub to the production environment on Netlify.